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Phoenix® and Megi®flex-disk and Megi® annular buffers are simple standard elements in terms of the part geometry which are used as flexible mounts in light and heavy machine construction as well as automotive applications.

Megi®flex-disk, which can be combined to form spring assemblies, are frequently used as buffer elements on rail vehicles. They can also be assembled to form tension/thrust elements. Various spring constants and therefore deflection values can be achieved by assembling a number of these disks in series.

Megi® annular buffers are spring elements which are usually used as pairs at each bearing points. They are particularly effective when used as auxiliary mounts to interrupt structure-borne sound vibrations.

In addition to the standard ring elements, Phoenix Vibration Controls has the expertise to advise you on which ring element the best solution is for your application and also offer the customer specific ring elements.

Other dimensions, hardness or materials are on request; please contact our support team at or +31 (0)187 49 37 44

Mould No.Item numberOuter diameter øInner diameter øHeightHardnessMax. static load (N)Max. peak load (N)Serie
74147374147360652611Medium685017650Megi® Ring elements
74148174148160954510,5Medium785020600Megi® Ring elements
741444741444601003527,5Medium980058850Megi® Ring elements
741409741409601103025,8Medium1275073600Megi® Ring elements
741401741401601103020,8Medium1375062800Megi® Ring elements
741493741493601104015,8Medium1420049050Megi® Ring elements
741488741488601305516Medium1715057900Megi® Ring elements
741486741486601609012Medium2255066700Megi® Ring elements
741485741485601557512Medium2355073600Megi® Ring elements
741472741472601535530Medium29450107900Megi® Ring elements
741424741424601646016Medium3040088300Megi® Ring elements
741407741407602206662Medium32400103000Megi® Ring elements
741407S3741407S3702206662HardMegi® Ring elements
741432741432601646023Medium33350122650Megi® Ring elements
741432S3741432S3701646023HardMegi® Ring elements
741482741482602105520Medium45150153050Megi® Ring elements
741436741436602109520Medium45150173650Megi® Ring elements
741434741434602407025Medium60800217800Megi® Ring elements
741427741427602657827,8Medium82400276650Megi® Ring elements

Mould No.Item numberOuter diameter øInner diameter øHeightHardnessCz (N/mm)Fz (N)Serie
741092741092453616,61145770650Megi® Ring elements
74102774102745368,51445620700Megi® Ring elements
74102974102945366,21645800950Megi® Ring elements
741092741092603616,6116012501100Megi® Ring elements
74102774102760368,5146010001200Megi® Ring elements
741020741020455016,522,5459001350Megi® Ring elements
74102974102960366,2166013501600Megi® Ring elements
741092741092703616,6117019001800Megi® Ring elements
74102774102770368,5147015501900Megi® Ring elements
741026741026456020,523,54510502200Megi® Ring elements
741020741020605016,522,56015002300Megi® Ring elements
74102974102970366,2167020002600Megi® Ring elements
741020741020705016,522,57022003700Megi® Ring elements
741026741026606020,523,56020003800Megi® Ring elements
741026741026706020,523,57030006100Megi® Ring elements
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