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Rubber rolling contact drives are economical and efficient, of simple construction, low-noise and maintenance-free. These properties have always encouraged designers to use our rubber rolling contact drives to solve particular drive problems. They are widely used by machinery and tool manufacturers, in conveying technology and in various drive technologies in the horticultural, (internal) transport and industrial sectors. ROTAFRIX® friction rings and friction wheels are highly suitable for use in drum drives.

Rotafrix Friction wheels


Mould No.Item numberDescriptionODidwidth
316744000004399Rotafrix® Friction Wheel 40/10-25 31674R BSMQ80 SK402510
316754000004400Rotafrix® Friction Wheel 45/11-28 31675R BSMQ80 SK452811
315554000004369Rotafrix® Friction Wheel 50/12-32 31555R BSMQ80 SK503212
316764000004401Rotafrix® Friction Wheel 56/14-35 31676R BSMQ80 SK563514
316054000004370Rotafrix® Friction Wheel 63/16-40 31605R BSMQ80 SK634016
316774000004402Rotafrix® Friction Wheel 71/18-45 31677R BSMQ80 SK714518
316064000004371Rotafrix® Friction Wheel 80/20-50 31606R BSMQ80 SK805020
316784000004403Rotafrix® Friction Wheel 90/22-55 31678R BSMQ80 SK905522
316424000004372Rotafrix® Friction Wheel 100/25-65 31642R BSMQ80 SK1006525
316434000004373Rotafrix® Friction Wheel 112/28-70 31643R BSMQ80 SK1127028
316444000004374Rotafrix® Friction Wheel 125/32-80 31644R BSMQ80 SK1258032
316454000004375Rotafrix® Friction Wheel 140/36-90 31645R BSMQ80 SK1409036
316794000004404Rotafrix® Friction Wheel 160/40-100 31679R BSMQ80 SK16010040

Rotafrix Friction Rings and Guide Pulleys


Item numberDescriptionODidwidthhubscompound
3990441000Rotafrix® Friction Ring 60/50-30 z RS603050zRS
3990841000Rotafrix® Friction Ring 71/60-34 z RS713460zRS
3991441000Rotafrix® Friction Ring 86/50-40 z RS864050zRS
3991541000Rotafrix® Friction Ring 85/60-40 z RS854060zRS
3991641000Rotafrix® Friction Ring 95/50-50 z RS955050zRS
on requestRotafrix® Friction Ring 95/60-50 z RS955060zRS
3992241000Rotafrix® Friction Ring 100/45-60 z RS1006045zRS
3992631000Rotafrix® Friction Ring 125/50-75 z RM1257550zRM
3992641000Rotafrix® Friction Ring 125/50-75 z RS1257550zRS
3999998077Rotafrix® Friction Ring 150/50-100 z RS15010050zRS
3993231000Rotafrix® Friction Ring 160/50-100 z RM16010050zRM
3993241000Rotafrix® Friction Ring 160/50-100 z RS16010050zRS
3993631000Rotafrix® Friction Ring 180/50-120 z RM18012050zRM
on requestRotafrix® Friction Ring 180/50-120 z RS18012050zRS
3994031000Rotafrix® Friction Ring 200/50-140 z RM20014050zRM
3994041000Rotafrix® Friction Ring 200/50-140 z RS20014050zRS
3999998600Rotafrix® Friction Ring 200/50-140 k20014050k
3993431000Rotafrix® Friction Ring 200/75-100 z RM20010075zRM
3993441000Rotafrix® Friction Ring 200/75-100 z RS20010075zRS
on requestRotafrix® Friction Ring 200/75-100 k20010075k
3994431000Rotafrix® Friction Ring 230/50-170 z RM23017050zRM
3994441000Rotafrix® Friction Ring 230/50-170 z RS23017050zRS
on requestRotafrix® Friction Ring 230/50-170 k23017050k
3993931000Rotafrix® Friction Ring 230/75-120 z RM23012075zRM
3993941000Rotafrix® Friction Ring 230/75-120 z RS23012075zRS
on requestRotafrix® Friction Ring 230/75-120 k23012075k
3994331000Rotafrix® Friction Ring 250/60-170 z RM25017060zRM
3999998135Rotafrix® Friction Ring 250/60-170 k RM25017060kRM
3999998636Rotafrix® Friction Ring 250/60-170 k RS25017060kRS
3994231000Rotafrix® Friction Ring 250/75-140 z RM25014075zRM
3994241000Rotafrix® Friction Ring 250/75-140 z RS25014075zRS
on requestRotafrix® Friction Ring 250/75-140 k25014075k
3995031000Rotafrix® Friction Ring 280/60-190 z RM28019060zRM
3995041000Rotafrix® Friction Ring 280/60-190 z RS28019060zRS
3995431000Rotafrix® Friction Ring 310/60-220 z RM31022060zRM
3995441000Rotafrix® Friction Ring 310/60-220 z RS31022060zRS
on requestRotafrix® Friction Ring 310/60-220 k31022060k
3996231000Rotafrix® Friction Ring 360/60-270 z RM36027060zRM
3996431000Rotafrix® Friction Ring 360/75-270 z RM36027075zRM
on requestRotafrix® Friction Ring 360/75-270 k36027075k
3996631000Rotafrix® Friction Ring 400/60-305 z RM40030560zRM
3999998790Rotafrix® Friction Ring 400/60-305 z RS40030560zRS
3997031000Rotafrix® Friction Ring 415/75-305 z RM41530575zRM
on requestRotafrix® Friction Ring 415/75-305 k41530575k
3997631000Rotafrix® Friction Ring 500/85-370 z RM50037085zRM
3999998835Rotafrix® Friction Ring 500/85-370 k50037085kRS
3997731000Rotafrix® Friction Ring 560/100-410 z RM560410100zRM
3997741000Rotafrix® Friction Ring 560/100-410 z RS560410100zRS
3999998295Rotafrix® Friction Ring 610/150-410 z RM610410150zRM
3999998300Rotafrix® Friction Ring 645/160-480 z RM645480160zRM
3999998298Rotafrix® Friction Ring 645/250-410 z RM645410250zRM
3999998310Rotafrix® Friction Ring 750/75-640 z RM75064075zRM
3997941000Rotafrix® Friction Ring 750/75-640 z RS75064075zRS
3999998315Rotafrix® Friction Ring 1000/100-850 z1000850100zRM

Rotafrix Friction Rings and Guide Pulleys


Item numberDescriptionODidwidthhubsfinish
3998732000Rotafrix® Guide Roller 300/75-220 k FM30022075kFM
3998932000Rotafrix® Guide Roller 300/75-220 k FMH30022075kFMH
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