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Phoenix Vibration Controls is customer-focused, therefore Phoenix offers various possibilities to help you with our various services. Of course we are ready to support you in selecting the right solution from our wide range of standard dampers.


Phoenix develops products based on our years of experience in the field of vibration isolation, which are innovative for vibration and noise-isolating solutions. In addition, Phoenix works together with its clients to come up with customer-specific solutions.


To develop a new product or to research your vibration problems, Phoenix offers a wide range of possibilities. Our engineers are ready for you and make, among other things: 6 degrees of freedom calculation, load-, compression- or stiffness curves of various solutions and deliver various reports and in-house test reports.


We have various options, such as 3D printing and sample molding, for making models and small test series. This gives us the opportunity to produce a realistic model of a new product in the short term.


We want to offer the best service, so we do not only offer the best technical solution but also have a wide range of additional logistics services, stocking, on demand, JIT deliveries, labeling and customer specific packaging.

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