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Phoenix®, Megi® and Schwingmetall® cones are ideal for oscillation damp, i.e. low vibration bearing arrangements for motors, body superstructures on chassis frames, compressor units on rail cars, etc. there are transfer recesses in the cones used for piston engines so that the elasticity constant in the longitudinal direction differs from the value in the transverse direction. Washers are delivered for bearing surfaces respectively breakaway control.

The Phoenix® and Megi® cone mounts can be used separately or optionally mounted with a mounting base, oil cap and or adjusting spindle. In addition to the standard cone mounts, Phoenix Vibration Controls has the expertise to advise you on which cone mount the best solution is for your application and also offer the customer specific cone mounts.

Other dimensions, hardness or materials are on request; please contact our support team at or +31 (0)187 49 37 44

Mould No.Item numberHardnessLengthWidthHeightConnectionMax. load Fz(N)Serie
2100894000004922401059258ø 31,71100Schwingmetall® Cone mount
21047040000049405513013086ø 161200Schwingmetall® Cone mount
786026S1786026S145451079056,5ø 161500Megi® Cone mount
2100894000004023551059258ø 31,71800Schwingmetall® Cone mount
2104444000005330401059274ø 171800Schwingmetall® Cone mount
21047040000049416513013086ø 161900Schwingmetall® Cone mount
2100894000004024651059258ø 31,72550Schwingmetall® Cone mount
786026S1786026S160601079056,5ø 162800Megi® Cone mount
2104444000005323551059274ø 173000Schwingmetall® Cone mount
21047040000049427513013086ø 163000Schwingmetall® Cone mount
786027S5786027S5454512010081,5ø 163500Megi® Cone mount
786026S1786026S170701079056,5ø 164000Megi® Cone mount
2104444000005322651059274ø 174400Schwingmetall® Cone mount
786030786030454514012095ø 205300Megi® Cone mount
786027S5786027S5606012010081,5ø 166240Megi® Cone mount
786027S5786027S5707012010081,5ø 169625Megi® Cone mount
786030786030606014012095ø 2010000Megi® Cone mount
786030786030707014012095ø 2014200Megi® Cone mount

Mould No.Item numberHardnessLengthWidthHeightConnectionMax. load Fz(N)Serie
2103524000004925401059258ø 31,7740Schwingmetall® Cone mount
210352A4000004928401059258ø 12,5920Schwingmetall® Cone mount
786026S3786026S345459010756,5ø 161000Megi® Cone mount
2103524000004926551059258ø 31,71220Schwingmetall® Cone mount
210352A4000004929551059258ø 12,51530Schwingmetall® Cone mount
2103524000004927651059258ø 31,71670Schwingmetall® Cone mount
786026S3786026S360609010756,5ø 161800Megi® Cone mount
210352A4000004930651059258ø 12,52070Schwingmetall® Cone mount
786027S13786027S1345SP394512010081,5ø 162180Phoenix® Cone mount
786026S3786026S370709010756,5ø 162700Megi® Cone mount
786027S13786027S1360SP396012010081,5ø 164650Phoenix® Cone mount
786027S13786027S1370SP397012010081,5ø 166820Phoenix® Cone mount

Mould No.Item numberHardnessLengthWidthHeightConnectionMax. load Fz(N)Serie
78602178602145451058427,5ø 8400Megi® Cone mount
786025786025353510510651ø 12525Phoenix® Cone mount
7860217860216060908427,5ø 8700Megi® Cone mount
786025786025454510510651ø 12875Megi® Cone mount
2103554000004931401027652ø 12,4970Schwingmetall® Cone mount
78602178602170701058427,5ø 81100Megi® Cone mount
78602578602560609010651ø 121575Megi® Cone mount
2103554000004932551027652ø 12,41720Schwingmetall® Cone mount
2103554000004933651027652ø 12,42280Schwingmetall® Cone mount
78602578602570709010651ø 122480Megi® Cone mount

Mould No.Item numberHardnessLengthWidthHeightConnectionMax. load Fz(N)Serie
786021S1786021S14545508430,5ø 8250Megi® Cone mount
786021S1786021S16060508430,5ø 8500Megi® Cone mount
786025S1786025S145456810651ø 12650Megi® Cone mount
2103564000004934401027652ø 12,4650Schwingmetall® Cone mount
786021S1786021S17070508430,5ø 8750Megi® Cone mount
2103564000004935551027652ø 12,41120Schwingmetall® Cone mount
786025S1786025S160606810651ø 121200Megi® Cone mount
2103564000004936651027652ø 12,41560Schwingmetall® Cone mount
786025S1786025S170706810651ø 121875Megi® Cone mount

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