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fabreeka pal


PAL-type pneumatic isolators provide superior low frequency isolation for metrology instruments, electron microscopes, MRI units, coordinate measuring machines and precision manufacturing equipment.

Fabreeka’s® Precision-AireTM Leveling (PAL) model pneumatic vibration isolation systems use servo controlled air springs. These isolators are ideally suited for conditions where height control and vibration control must co-exist. Fabreeka PAL isolators meet the critical needs of metrology instruments, electron microscopes, inspection stations and precision manufacturing equipment.

fabreeka plm


PLM mounts provide low frequency vibration and shock control for surface plates, coordinate measuring machines, fans, air compressors, motor/generator sets, high-speed punch presses and more.

The Fabreeka PLM series pneumatic isolation mounts are low frequency vibration and shock isolators that provide both attenuation of disturbing vibration and equipment leveling. For vibration control applications, the pneumatic (pressurized) portion of these mounts provides significant reduction of vibration amplitudes occurring at frequencies above 5 Hz, having a natural frequency as low as 3 Hz.

PLM isolation mounts will also continue to isolate with no pressure having a vertical natural frequency of approximately 10 Hz, isolating frequencies above 14 Hz. The vertical to horizontal natural frequency ratio is approximately 1:1 with a high degree of horizontal stability. For shock or impact applications, the outer elastomeric wall construction provides a high deflection shock mount. A low natural frequency (3 Hz) can be maintained by utilizing an external spacer to prevent a “bottom out” condition.

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